Beach Patrol

On Sunday 05 March we will merge our Beach Clean up day with the National Clean Up Australia Day

On Sunday 05 March we will merge our Beach Clean up day with the National Clean Up Australia Day and collaborate for the first time with the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation (AMMCF).

It would be great if you could make a special effort to turn out this Sunday, given this partnership and unique opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

AMMCF's CEO, Dr Kate Charlton-Robb, who spoke to us a couple of years ago about her discovery of a dolphin species unique to Port Phillip Bay.

Please come along and make Kate and her group welcome at this special Beach Clean.

Please also join our special website page:

Meeting Point: Beaumaris Yacht Club, Beach Rd, Beaumaris VIC 3193 Ricketts Point (enter from Beach Rd), 11am-12.30pm.
Near Coral Ave, to the the north of the Tea House Cafe (or RHS as you are facing the water). MAP
Also Melways ref 86 B8

Invite your family and friends to join us.

Bring your water, sunscreen (but only organic if you are going for a dip - we don't want to kill our marine life!), gloves and bags or buckets.
We will also have some equipment available.

Coffee at the Ricketts Point Tea House after if you like!

It is very pleasant 25 degrees so please go for a dip or snorkel there too.
It's a 24 hour dog beach and there are toilets and showers.

Any queries? Call Beth Jensen (who is stepping in for me during my house sale and move this week. Thanks Beth!) on 0419 354 998

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Melbourne premiere of 'The Last Sea Treasure' Starring ocean explorer Valerie Taylor!


Join us for the Melbourne premiere of 'The Last Sea Treasure'

Starring renowned ocean explorer Valerie Taylor.

The Australian American Association (Vic), Doctors for the Environment Australia, Academy of Scuba, Dive Industry Association of Australia, Camberwell Camera Club, Biopixel and the Save Our Marine Life partnership invite you to

An exploration of the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef and one of the last places on Earth where ocean giants still thrive.


Valerie Taylor AM, Ocean Explorer and Filmmaker
Sam CJ Muscat JP, President, Australian American Association
Dr Katherine Barraclough, Doctors for the Environment Australia

This is a FREE event, however donations welcome on the door.

Oceans of Plastic, by French filmmaker Vincent Perazio

Very short notice sorry. It was just brought to my attention that the ABC is repeating a Four Corners show they played last Monday. It is on plastics in the oceans and is it going anywhere? Quite interesting. For those that missed it and would like to see it here is another chance. (Although it can been seen on view at any time).

Four Corners Program - on ABC 24 Saturday, tonight, at 8pm, and on iview - is airing a program on Oceans of Plastic, by French filmmaker Vincent Perazio and presented by Sarah Ferguson.

Four Corners brings you this thought provoking story from French filmmaker Vincent Perazio in which he examines the work of these scientists investigating our plastic waste.

Some are undertaking research to see if plastic is making its way into the food chain, others are looking into the impact on marine life and the environment.

"It's not worth throwing away plastic bags. You should just season them well and eat them directly because they're going to end up back on your plate in one way or another." Marine Scientist

"Once there is so much plastic in the seas, there is nothing to eat for the filter feeders, for the fish, for the whales." Oceanographer

The program asks confronting questions about whether or not we need to change the way we deal with the plastics we throw away.

Ross Headifen
Beach Patrol Victorian Coordinator